The Environmental Zone in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg

The majority of Copenhagen and all of Frederiksberg has been an Environmental Zone as of 1 September 2008. Click here to see a detailed map of the Environmental Zone.

Posted signs indicate when you are in the Environmental Zone.

The regulation of the Environmental Zone

The environmental zone apply to all diesel-powered vehicles above 3½ tons. The vehicle must either meet Euro 4 standard (or newer) or be retrofitted with an effective particle filter.

The Danish authorities require an environmental zone label for all heavy-duty diesel-powered behicles (both domistic and foreign) entering an environmental zone in Denmark. 

Read more about the Road Safety and Transport Agency's particle filter requirements and how to get the label here.

Cities with Environmental zones
Environmental zones are implemented and in force in Copenhagen (and Frederiksberg), Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. For information about rules in other environmental zones also known as low emission zones in European countries please visit

Tramsot route
The blue line on the map is the transit route for lorries and other heavy traffic going in and out of Nordhavn harbor area. Lorries in international transit are permitted to take this route without an Environmental Zone sticker on the front windscreen.

The Police, Copenhagen Parking (Parkering København) and Frederiksberg Parking (Parkering Frederiksberg) will inspect heavy diesel-fuelled vehicles in the Environmental Zone. Responsibility for violating the rules rests with the carrier (owner of the vehicle).

Particle pollution is the biggest air pollution problem in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

The tiniest particles - also called ultra fine particles - are the cause of early death and exacerbate respiratory and circulatory diseases especially.

Lorries and other heavy diesel-fuelled vehicles over 3½ tons are accountable for approx. 50 percent of all harmful pollution, which is why the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg are introducing an Environmental Zone that requires particle filters for heavy diesel-fuelled vehicles. Particle filters trap approx. 80 percent of the particles emitted from a diesel engine.

The Environmental Zone has shown to be very effectively. A report shows that the particle emission from lorries and busses on the greatest road in Copenhagen (H. C. Andersens Boulevard) from 2008 to 2010 has been reduced with 60 % as a result of the Environmental Zone. This corresponds to 16 % of the complete particle emission from all vehicles.

In Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, particle pollution results in almost 500 early deaths annually. The Environmental Zone will make it healthier to live in the city.

The Environmental Zone sets requirements on the levels of pollution containing particles that are harmful to health lorries and busses in the Environmental Zone are allowed to emit. The requirements will be tightened in two phases, once on 1st of September 2008 and again on 1st of July 2010.

Annually, the health benefits after 1st of July 2010 are expected to result in approx.:

  • 150 fewer early deaths
  • 150 fewer hospital admissions for respiratory and circulatory diseases
  • 750 fewer cases of bronchitis
  • 8,000 fewer cases of asthma
  • 90,000 fewer days with limited activity due to respiratory illnesses

People living outside the Environmental Zone will also benefit environmentally because traffic will move across the zone boundaries.



Environmental Zone map
Click here to take a closer look at the Environmental Zone. 

If you have any questions regarding the Environmental Zone, you can contact any of the following:

Copenhagen Municipality
Traffic Centre
Telephone +45 33 66 37 59

Frederiksberg Municipality
City and Environment Section
Telephone +45 38 21 40 76

Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Telephone +45 72 12 02 11

Road Safety and Transport Agency
Telephone +45 72 21 88 00